Front Landscape Ideas

With the tree’s cleaned up and the lawn nice and green…now its time to look towards the empty areas needing a little love.


  • For the side, I want to plant blue fescue.
  • For the front bed I like the idea of horsetail grass, large succulents and or a nice bush (rosemary or something with reddish leaves) to cover the sprinklers.
  • On the shelf I would like to replace the two clay pots with maybe a concrete long pot with different succulents.
  • By the front door I would like to have some large containers with succulents.

See the Updates:

Front Bed »
Front Door and Side »


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Hello Lawn!

Reseeding the Front Lawn

I don’t know if its something I did, or didn’t do, but the lawn was looking very very shabby. I have been told it’s time to aerate & re-seed…and that this is the ideal time of year to do it. After recruiting my neighbors meticulous gardener to come to the rescue, I am now excitedly watching the grass grow…LITERALLY!

Immediately after seeding…

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Oh, Magnolia…Let’s try this again!

Okay, so the other guy butchered the tree’s, its official. I feel so depressed about it. But now I found someone who knows what they are doing to help clean up the mess.

Before & After

The weather kind of replicates my feelings before & after the trim too!

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Thank You California!

Finally just got notice that I qualified for the $10,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit!!!

Yup, that’s alot of cash returned to me over the next three years.

Due to delays in my closing, I was really scared I wouldn’t qualify. I was right there at the end when the funds were expected to run out. A big thanks goes out to anyone who submitted duplicates or incorrect forms before me!

W00t! W00t!

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Post Pruning Depression

Now I am wondering if the tree trimmers were really qualified and if they totally hacked my lovely rich yard down to nothing but crap!

I read some things about tree topping and how its bad. I am worried now that i ruined the beautiful landscape. Granted it was OVERGROWN, but maybe this guy went a little too crazy on it? I mean, I DID have beautiful flowers from the vines growing up the tree on the side. I DID have a lush private backyard. I DID have a huge, symmetrical magnolia tree in the front, that is now only trimmed on my yard facing side…wtf?

I REALLY hope things grow back and I don’t question what I have done to the yard.

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The Floors! Finally!

The plan was to find someone who could just repair the areas that were remaining from the earlier work that was done (wall and floor heater removed), which I did, but on the start day he came in saying it really bothered him to do these areas that are spread around the house without ‘really’ doing it right. That since things were slow, and they had the time and the house was small, he would give me a good deal to just do the whole thing.

So it came down to repair areas only or pay an additional $500 to have the whole house done which would include all repairs including filling holes, replacing damaged planks, repairing scratches, etc., EVERYWHERE but the inside of the closets. AND…he can do it while I live there.

The pics:

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New Year, New Yard

Pruning the Overgrowth

So, I know the yard is all overgrown and needed major trimming/cleanup but…omg! I finally got it done and I’m in major shock! I believe the yard/trees haven’t been touched in the whole time Jack lived here – approx 15+ years, so there was some MAJOR overgrowth that really needed to be cleared out.



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Just a Little Wood?

Patching the Original Hardwood Floors

Is it not possible to do just some small area wood repair? I need to fill in where the wall and floor heater were removed. So far I have been told it will require me to refinish if not those areas, then might as well do the whole house. This is sad to me since: a) the floors are beautiful, b) its pretty expensive ($2K+), c) it’s a huge hassel (need to move out, mass dust created and damage/touch up required to newly painted baseboards and walls, and d) it’s a needed repair for me to continue on the progress of the kitchen penninsula.

the wall needing wood replaced

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The Penninsula’s Progress

IKEA Kitchen Penninsula

Sticking with white to match the existing cabinet but am going with a glossy version just because its more modern and I really love it. Since its on the opposite side of the kitchen I think it should work. Will be doing matching hardware and try to match the black granite on top.

Thought about doing a wood or bamboo countertop, but I am afraid it will be too much wood with the wood table and wood floors. Also since it is new and modern finish it seems better to try to make it more cohesive with the existing kitchen counter.

yes, that's flame sneaking in the pic

It only looks blue because of the protective film on the drawer fronts

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New Stove or Repair the O’Keefe & Merritt

ON SALE: Electrolux Icon Stove $2899

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful…but is it really necessary?

I’m getting $827 from the insurance company because they say my broken thermostat is “unrepairable” on the O’Keefe & Merritt. Now I have to decide if I spend the ~ $350 to fix it or put the money towards this new one.

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