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Kitchen Update: It’s Done! (Almost)

I probably should have posted this earlier, but it literally took me FOREVER to unwrap the refrigerator and cabinet plastic. I dont know why it took me so long, but regardless, here is the ‘official unveiling’ of the new open kitchen! TA DA!

Before and After

Only thing still missing are the hanging pendant lights!

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Architectural Planning – Initial Sketches

Getting ready to look at some opportunities to improve the house. My good friend and interior architect Claudia is helping me. Here are her initial sketches to get the juices flowing:

Scheme 1

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HOT Water – New Tankless Water Heater!!!

Tankless Water Heater

No more shower anxiety!!! Yes, I would have to rush and rotate shower tasks due to the limited hot water. NOT ANY MORE! Now its like being at a day spa!

Why? How? Well the hot water heater turned into a bubbling fountain so it was time to replace. Ended up splurging on a tankless water heater! It’s so nice and small, it allowed me to tuck the water conditioner out of sight as a bonus!


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Concrete Counters – Redone!

They are just absolutely stunning! I have the option to do something with the old one…maybe a side table? benches for outside? The major additional cost would be the base for whatever I chose to do though…hmmm…?

More pics of it installed soon…

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Oops! Really?

So Dewulf came to install the completed counter and it’s too short! It’s too bad because it does look incredible…it’s a little darker than I imagined, but I think it looks great!

He was really apologetic and has graciously offered to re-pour it & said he will recycle this piece.

So, we’re going to try this again…

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Concrete Countertop!!!

Well, I finally got DeWulf the “kitchen renegade” to come and get the peninsula counter ball rolling!!! Should be about 3 weeks! YAY!

Be sure to check out his portfolio, amazing stuff!!!

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The Floors! Finally!

The plan was to find someone who could just repair the areas that were remaining from the earlier work that was done (wall and floor heater removed), which I did, but on the start day he came in saying it really bothered him to do these areas that are spread around the house without ‘really’ doing it right. That since things were slow, and they had the time and the house was small, he would give me a good deal to just do the whole thing.

So it came down to repair areas only or pay an additional $500 to have the whole house done which would include all repairs including filling holes, replacing damaged planks, repairing scratches, etc., EVERYWHERE but the inside of the closets. AND…he can do it while I live there.

The pics:

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