Just a Little Wood?

Patching the Original Hardwood Floors

Is it not possible to do just some small area wood repair? I need to fill in where the wall and floor heater were removed. So far I have been told it will require me to refinish if not those areas, then might as well do the whole house. This is sad to me since: a) the floors are beautiful, b) its pretty expensive ($2K+), c) it’s a huge hassel (need to move out, mass dust created and damage/touch up required to newly painted baseboards and walls, and d) it’s a needed repair for me to continue on the progress of the kitchen penninsula.

the wall needing wood replaced

Another option is to just replace the floors for the same cost, but Im afraid that will open up more issues and be a bigger pain since I will want to try to sell the existing wood (which is premium I hear). I would be able to do room by room and choose whatever floor I want, but there is just something warm and inviting about the original floors – which as stated earlier, are in great condition.

I am going to try to find some sort of craftsman who can try to just spot repair these areas.

Living room side of floor heater

Hallway side of floor heater

Nice To Have: fix weirdness of bathroom tile peeking under door

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