House Info

Well, this is it! After looking for over 10 months, after hanging in there for over 4 due to the short sale process and after 2 for pre-move in upgrades… I’m finally in!

Now I am going to work on documenting this process although I will have to track back and post-date some to capture the journey.


  • Year Built: 1949
  • Lot Size: 5992
  • Sq. Ft: 1580
  • 2 bedroom, 2 bath
  • 1 large add on art studio with skylights and fireplace
  • 1 outdoor enclosed patio
  • Huge overgrown cactus/succulent garden backyard
  • 1 car attached garage
  • on small street by a park

Purchase Details

  • Purchased: July 2010
  • Short Sale

The most notable upgrades so far are opening up the kitchen & living room, full paint, central heat and all updated electrical. Still lots to do, but it’s shaping up!

photo gallery coming soon!

One response to “House Info

  1. Irene Jaeger

    Hey Ruth, blog and house well done.
    Enjoying clicking my way through your remodel.
    Keep us posted

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