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Oh, Magnolia…Let’s try this again!

Okay, so the other guy butchered the tree’s, its official. I feel so depressed about it. But now I found someone who knows what they are doing to help clean up the mess.

Before & After

The weather kind of replicates my feelings before & after the trim too!

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Post Pruning Depression

Now I am wondering if the tree trimmers were really qualified and if they totally hacked my lovely rich yard down to nothing but crap!

I read some things about tree topping and how its bad. I am worried now that i ruined the beautiful landscape. Granted it was OVERGROWN, but maybe this guy went a little too crazy on it? I mean, I DID have beautiful flowers from the vines growing up the tree on the side. I DID have a lush private backyard. I DID have a huge, symmetrical magnolia tree in the front, that is now only trimmed on my yard facing side…wtf?

I REALLY hope things grow back and I don’t question what I have done to the yard.

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New Year, New Yard

Pruning the Overgrowth

So, I know the yard is all overgrown and needed major trimming/cleanup but…omg! I finally got it done and I’m in major shock! I believe the yard/trees haven’t been touched in the whole time Jack lived here – approx 15+ years, so there was some MAJOR overgrowth that really needed to be cleared out.



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