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Side Gate Security

The long side of the house has been a security concern due to its isolation, but now thanks to my friend Lesley’s dad there is a very secure and private gate in place!

No More Peeping into the Back!

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Power Wash = WOW!

I knew the bricks were dirty, but I had no idea exactly how dirty!!! Im sure this was 50+ years worth of dirt!


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Food Truck?

This morning a food truck pulled up right in front of my house! Breakfast anyone?


Flame wanted some chicken tacos!

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Curb Appeal

Dressed up the front door and also the side. Added some pots which I already had along with a nice papyrus plant in a planter Jack left. On the side, I added the blue fescue as planned. I am very happy with the results.


Here is the before »

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The Front Flower Bed

Got the front bed and side area done…mostly happy with it. I’m thinking the large succulents in the front bed should be lower to the ground, maybe I should have got these other ones that are brighter green and more like ground cover.

I’m thinking of getting a tall planter for the door entry and putting the tall succulents there instead, then getting the ones I think I should have gotten for the bed.

Here is the before »

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New Street!

Finally, the Street Gets Repaved

I no longer live in a third world country.

Hard to believe it took 4 weeks when they worked on average 1 day per week…but wtf…it’s done so who cares!


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All I know is that I can now actually park in front of the house without bottoming out my car!!!

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Front Landscape Ideas

With the tree’s cleaned up and the lawn nice and green…now its time to look towards the empty areas needing a little love.


  • For the side, I want to plant blue fescue.
  • For the front bed I like the idea of horsetail grass, large succulents and or a nice bush (rosemary or something with reddish leaves) to cover the sprinklers.
  • On the shelf I would like to replace the two clay pots with maybe a concrete long pot with different succulents.
  • By the front door I would like to have some large containers with succulents.

See the Updates:

Front Bed »
Front Door and Side »


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