Cactus Flowers – part 2

More Magic…

See cactus flowers part 1 »

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Food Truck?

This morning a food truck pulled up right in front of my house! Breakfast anyone?


Flame wanted some chicken tacos!

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Black Widows!

Ok, so in doing some cleaning today I found not one but TWO black widows! Talk about scary!


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The Orchard

Dwarf Fruit Trees in Containers

So I went a little crazy … It started with the strawberries, they are doing so well. Then I have this large empty pot I wanted to put a dwarf tree in. At the nursery, I really had a hard time picking what type of tree I wanted. I ended up with a Satsuma Mandarin, which I love, but still was aching for the Meyer Lemon, with its versatility.

Then, at the hardware store, it ends up dwarf trees are on sale, so in my indecisive manner I decided to go for the Meyer Lemon, Grapefruit then threw in an Avocado for good measure. Toss in a couple inexpensive wood planters and my former trash can – junk area is now an orchard!

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HOT Water – New Tankless Water Heater!!!

Tankless Water Heater

No more shower anxiety!!! Yes, I would have to rush and rotate shower tasks due to the limited hot water. NOT ANY MORE! Now its like being at a day spa!

Why? How? Well the hot water heater turned into a bubbling fountain so it was time to replace. Ended up splurging on a tankless water heater! It’s so nice and small, it allowed me to tuck the water conditioner out of sight as a bonus!


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Curb Appeal

Dressed up the front door and also the side. Added some pots which I already had along with a nice papyrus plant in a planter Jack left. On the side, I added the blue fescue as planned. I am very happy with the results.


Here is the before »

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Concrete Counters – Redone!

They are just absolutely stunning! I have the option to do something with the old one…maybe a side table? benches for outside? The major additional cost would be the base for whatever I chose to do though…hmmm…?

More pics of it installed soon…

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