New Year, New Yard

Pruning the Overgrowth

So, I know the yard is all overgrown and needed major trimming/cleanup but…omg! I finally got it done and I’m in major shock! I believe the yard/trees haven’t been touched in the whole time Jack lived here – approx 15+ years, so there was some MAJOR overgrowth that really needed to be cleared out.



Now I can actually see the fence and the neighbors!

For better or worse, it makes it much clearer what I have going on back there! I am now able to walk in areas never walked before. I have found plants that have been hidden from human eyes for years!

Now its getting my brain churning about all the possibilities for the yard! its like a blank canvas now! First I might want to fix the fence so that it is stucco or something with a wood extension on top to make it cohesive. Then think about making the actual landscaping smarter…stuff along the fence and maybe some planned ‘islands’ with clear pathways.

This will be a good project for spring and that gives me plenty of time to think, plan and save!

How it Happened:

man vs tree

it was actually painful to watch

The After Shots:


the side tree - was full of vines hanging onto the roof

the fence!

where no one was able to go before...

a palm tree! (and sad horizontal growing bushes - might have to come out in v.2)

new path created!

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