Pottery Kiln & Kickwheel: SOLD!

After months of craigslist postings I finally found someone interested in the pottery kiln AND kickwheel! It’s going to a very deserving (and excited) local artist Velvet Marshall, who is doing some great work. It took like 6 people and lots of patience to get it all out of the backyard over the gravel! It’s a little sad to see it go, but the extra space is much appreciated!

How it Happened:

1. Wheeling kiln over gravel on 2x4 "tracks"

2. Struggling to get it around the corner while avoiding the cactus

3. Getting it up off the gravel

4. Easy wheeling down the side

5. Got it in the truck!

6. Strapping the wheel in

7. Everyone amazed it all fit in the truck

8. There it all goes, watch for bumps!

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